Cosmetic Bonding of two front teeth 8 & 9 + Polish of all teeth

Five front Veneers

Upper and Lower Dentures

8 Anterior Crowns

6 Anterior (front) E-max Crowns + Bridge 11-14

4 Front Veneers + polish of lower teeth 

Posterior Implant restoration to open bite. 8 front E-Max Crowns. Patient did not want to repair lower teeth at this time. 

6 front veneers

Implant Crown #8

2 Front Crowns - Patient wanted only the two front teeth addressed

Composite Fillings -  poorly done filling that was leaking (bacteria getting under it), with decay on adjacent teeth were repaired with Composite (White fillings)

3 Anterior Crowns + Cosmetic Bond on 7 - Patient had deep decay under her old crowns, causing her gums to bleed. Due to finances, a filling was done on the fourth tooth. 

Chipped tooth - Was easily repaired with a white filling to its original shape