Did you know?

-Dr. Abbassi is a graduate of UCLA & USC

-Dr. Abbassi was an adjunct-faculty at USC

-We are a group practice! (with two independent doctors in our office)... That means we have lower overheads and are able to pass-on those savings to you! 

-We use only best local American labs. We never outsource to China, Mexico, etc.

-We use the best material available and we stand by our work!

-We offer 0% in-house financing! We understand dentistry can be expensive and will work with you as much as we can.

Summy Abbassi DDS in Tarzana

What our patients say about us:

I love love love Dr. Abbassi! I just went to him for the first time today, and I was extremely satisfied with his work and his impeccable level of service. He is SO nice, and made me feel completely relaxed throughout the entire 2 hrs I was there. I usually hate going to the dentist, and have little trust because of bad experiences in the past, but Dr. Abbassi put me at ease as he explained everything he was doing in detail, and truly cared about my comfort. I can't imagine going anywhere else after having such a great experience.

Nicole B

I can't believe I am actually writing a positive review for a dentist . I have always been terrified of going to dentists but dr. Abbassi really changed that for me. It wasn't only the pain that gave me anxiety for going to dentist but it was also the fact that once your on that chair they all tend to just treat you like a kid, do their work and give u a bill at the end . I hate that feeling of being treated like an infant. As an adult I like my doctor to explain to me what exactly to expect and step by step what he is planing to do, and Doctor Abbassi is the only one that actually takes the time to explain everything and makes sure that the patient is truly comfortable during the entire visit. i highly recommend him , if your like me and want someone to be professional and give you a pleasant , painless dental visit experience.

Sarah P.

I love Dr. Abbassi!!! Two years ago I was extremely insecure about my teeth. I chewed white gum and pushed it up against the back of my teeth to hide my gaps but I couldn't do much about my chip teeth. Today!! My teeth are PERFECT!!! I got four front veneers. I'm the happiest girl alive and smile even when I'm upset just to show my teeth off. Dr. Abbassi is excellent and very knowledgeable at his art work. I'll drive 30 minutes or 4hours, like I did today, just to see him! I'll be a client as long as I can drive or fly to you! Thank You!!! You are the best!!

Nicole L.